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Big snow

Date: 2012-10-23

   The weather turned icy on the weekend and everyone was saying there was definitely snow in the air - and snow it did on Sunday night - about 25 centimetres of it!! And because it’s still relatively warm here ( minus 1), the snow was soft and powdery and able to be made into snowmen and snow balls, much to the delight of everyone yesterday in parks and open spaces around the city. Once the temperature drops further, it’s hard to get the snow to model into anything as it’s too dry.

We woke up on Monday morning to a winter wonderland and it continued to snow steadily all day, which caught a lot of people by surprise, including the Chinese. Traffic was a mess all day as people had not yet had their tyres changed for the season, and still had their summer tyres on. Clearly the calendar and the rules say to do it on the 25th, so when the snow comes a few days or weeks early, it can throw everything into chaos.

   Because the heating it not on until the end of this week, we are all in several layers in our apartments and homes - but once they flick the switch, the central heating will make the colder months quite bearable again - not that we have to worry about it, as we won’t be here !

   We’re not sure whether Molly had seen snow before, but yesterday morning she was a one dog comedy show when we took her downstairs for a walk in her pink polar fleece jacket - she was rolling around in the snow like dogs do in sand on the beach, jumping around it in and generally having a fabulous doggy time. She thought it was great, right up until the point where the icy bits stuck around her whiskers and mouth - she was shaking it off and looking at me as if to say, why won’t this go away!