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Relationship between the hotel and OTA shift: after the owner loyalty and benefit to the attention of a changing

Date: 2019-10-27

If hoteliers hope channel competition with a third party, we must constantly add innovation in loyalty programs, attractive and experience.

At the hotel distribution activities last week, the speaker says, recently the transition of the relationship between the hotel and OTA, bring more opportunities for the hotel owners and potential value.More and more hotel companies increased the catering, sports and entertainment options, as a faithful member points for options.

Swedish hotel owners and operators Pandox AB business development director Jacob Rasin said, loyalty will continue to play an important role.

Rasin said in "investors and owners" round table discussion, when we consider the distribution platform, we do consider the power of loyalty programs.

Round table guest said, immediacy is often accompanied by loyalty rewards.Airline loyalty programs, for example, provide special treatment, including the lounge can be used immediately.

AB Bernstein, senior analyst Richard Clarke said European hotel and leisure industry, many hotel management company has already signed up these points for the hotel.

This concept has been extended to the hotel product and attractions, and intercontinental hotels group and Mr & Mrs Smith announced plans to build loyalty exclusive cooperation.Mr & Mrs Smith is a tourism club and marketing company, specializing in high-quality goods business hotel.

Clarke, "marriott and accor is take the private rental market route", in order to increase loyalty.

Sarwood capital group hotel asset management, senior vice President, Nick Chadwick said the company's Principal brands really has launched a loyalty program, but once the brand in 2018 by the French Fonciere des Regions to buy real estate investment trusts, is difficult to measure its success.Fonciere des Regions know, because of the Covivio Covivio joined intercontinental hotels group management portfolio.

Clarke said, the whole hotel industry exchange mode of each are not identical."Some hotels like exchange, because these customers feel that they are free, and are more likely to take things out of the fridge, to spend money on food.

He also warned that the attention to the trap, the loyalty data because it is generally believed that some people have registered just to get free wi-fi.

Responsible for the owner

Rasin said, OTA and chain hotels become the trend of closer cooperation partners, in terms of buying real estate for owner to provide more choices.

"We can choose to change plans more brands and more.OTA with hotel not so competitive, it is an advantage for the owner."

asin said Pandox interested buying shares hotel is located in the downtown and the airport;While Chadwick said his company like some limited service assets, especially Yotel opened in July.Starwood capital in September 2017, bought a 30% stake in Yotel.

The participants mentioned OYO, agree that its attribute is "light brand and mass distribution.

Clarke, one day have a owner to me and said, "until I have lost a owner, he didn't realize OYO is a threat", I thought that has not happened.

Clarke added that although OYO does have good financial support, as well as property improvement plans to deploy the cash, but its fee structure is different from the franchise mode of payment, (and) may expect more damaging of the owner's."

Chadwick, points out that more brand generally provide more opportunities for the owner, but he added that it also requires hotel operators become more innovation, even if it's just because distribution still expensive.

He said: "you also have to notice the exit time."

Chadwick said the starwood capital use an as its independent assets.

"But I don't think this is a cheap option.The industry is maturing, companies such as and its performance is more like hotel companies, hotel and the company's performance more like OTA.Reality is on the move in that direction."

Clarke said, growing company continues to develop, already opened up more ideal of "travel".

"When an buy HotelTonight, that's another change.Reality is a dream.No one will be in fairfield, bragging about their hotel, but they actually did so in reality."

Clarke said, adding that he realized that reality has been criticized for fuelling excessive tourism, and in some markets are regulatory hurdles.

"An want to be seen as a more stable entity, this is another interesting change."