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World Environment Day, New Century Grand Hotel Changchun in action

Date: 2013-06-07

Advocating environmental protection, promotion of low-carbon life.June 5 World Environment Day, New Century Grand Hotel Changchun particular microblogging launched on World Environment Day theme activities, calling the majority of users concerned about the environment, facing deteriorating living environment, we must start from their own, perhaps a smileactions, they can save us is scarred homes
2013 China World Environment Day theme of "common struggle with breathing ·" aimed at the release and delivery of building beautiful Chinese everyone sharing the information is everyone's responsibility, advocacy under the blue sky in a living, breathing every citizen should firmlyestablish the concept of protecting the environment, care for the environment and carry out their responsibilities, and consciously from me, from the little things, respect for nature, harmony with nature, and enhance conservation awareness, environmental awareness, ecological awareness, develop a healthy lifestyle and reasonableconsumption patterns, to stimulate enthusiasm for the whole society's environmental persistence, in order to improve air quality, enabling sky blue, green land, water purification beautiful Chinese struggle.
Coincides with World Environment Day, as has been committed to the cause of environmental protection in the New Century Tourism Group enterprises continue to grow at the same time as always concern for public welfare.Hotel Group in 2011 began planning the design of the "Wood also Kaiyuan" environmental programs involving environmental protection, energy conservation, water conservation and other content areas.Among them, "Wood also Kaiyuan · source" program is Hotel Group, the water supplier and guests to participate in the protection of water resources planning.The New Century Grand Hotel Changchun as New Century Tourism Group in the northeastern region to build the first five-star business hotel, it is strongly advocated green, low-carbon life.Broad social consensus cohesion, stimulate public enthusiasm, concern and support of the whole society to create a good atmosphere for participation in environmental protection.In this also calls for more people to participate in environmental protection in the past, share low-carbon life.
It is reported that since the start of the World Environment Day on June 11 morning, all landing Sina microblogging, attention and @ New Century Grand Hotel Changchun, tell your own green philosophy and @ his friend forward this micro-Bo, the first11 and section 111 can be obtained by a lucky friends New Century Grand Hotel Changchun carefully prepared Kaiyuan • source of mineral water is also a wooden box and hotels worth 138 yuan buffet luncheon vouchers two.