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Xinjiang has established its first cultural tourism industry fund, with a total scale of 1 billion yuan

Date: 2021-07-27

Recently, Xinjiang's first industrial investment fund with cultural tourism as the main investment direction - Xinjiang Cultural tourism Industry Fund was established.

The fund is led by Xinjiang Culture and Tourism Investment Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as XINJIANG Culture and Tourism Investment) and initiated by Xinjiang New Tourism Capital Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as New Tourism Capital). This is also the first fund launched by the new Travel Fund.

Xinjiang text brigade to vote is approved by the autonomous region party committee and the autonomous region people's government, was formed in December 2019, capital operation and operation management as the main task of regional cultural tourism flagship companies, is shouldering the push "cultural embellish jiang" project, the implementation of "tourism" strategy, to promote xinjiang from the regional tourism resources to strong tourism economy area important mission. Tour during the period of "difference", xinjiang investment group will travel in financial services, the scenic area development operation, set up camp system, hotel service management, the intelligence services of tourism, tourist travel travel services, content services, travel goods operation, tourism real estate and kang have nine big businesses such as plate, realize the benign cycle and the value of state-owned assets, capital Gradually build the strategic pattern of big platform integration, big capital operation, big industrial development, big brand leadership and big financial support, and build the autonomous region into a characteristic enterprise group of culture and tourism industry of ten billion yuan.

On July 23, Xinjiang New Tourism Capital Management Co., LTD. Chairman Liu Hangpu told reporters that in October 2020, Xinjiang Culture and tourism Investment, as the largest shareholder and actual controller, and A share listing full license securities - Tianfeng Securities and other four investors jointly set up the company. The company was officially registered as a private equity fund manager on January 25, 2021, shouldering the heavy responsibilities of deep development of xinjiang cultural tourism resources, realizing structural integration and optimization and upgrading of Xinjiang cultural tourism industry, and promoting the development of Xinjiang cultural tourism enterprises.

Xinjiang tour industry funds total is 1 billion yuan, the article brigade to vote, the state capital of xinjiang, xinjiang industrial investment fund, tianjin hengjia boehner popular culture media, film and television media, Beijing and other joint venture involving the cultural tourism related companies, the main investment areas include cultural tourism, film and television sports, consumption upgrade, medical treatment, such as, It will concentrate on investing in key enterprises with obvious competitive advantages and influence and control over upstream and downstream industries. "New dragon capital as a professional private equity firms, will be through the introduction of xinjiang inside and outside the large central state-owned enterprises, the financial investment institutions, private capital, surrounding xinjiang local travel service, scenic area management, tour consumption, cultural creativity, film and television production and consumption upgrade, sports leisure, and other fields for private equity investment. In the future, the new Tourism Capital will set up several cultural tourism industry funds. "Mr. Liu said.