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The occupancy rate exceeds 90%, and the summer hotel craze in Beijing will continue in mid to late August

Date: 2023-07-10

The summer tourism market in Beijing has seen a surge in parent-child passenger flow, and the occupancy rates of major hotels in the city have also skyrocketed. On July 9th, the reporter found that since entering the summer season, many core business district hotels in Beijing have had occupancy rates of over 90%, and even some hotels have been almost fully booked in the past week. Overall, the occupancy rate and average room rate of Beijing hotels in early July have already surpassed the same period in 2019. According to Ctrip data, the average hotel prices in Beijing during the summer period increased by 51% compared to 2019. At present, the Beijing hotel has returned to normal, and the hot situation is expected to continue until mid to late August. At the same time, when the demand for travel is concentrated and released, providing corresponding services for guests will also be a problem that hotels will face.

All rooms have been fully booked in the past week

The popularity of tourism in Beijing is not only reflected in scenic spots, but also in hotels.

The summer situation this year is very good, and the rental rate has not dropped by 85% since July, "said the person in charge of Xiyuan Hotel. Similarly, Fan Jianjun, the general manager of Beijing Hepingli Hotel, also smiled. "There are many hotel guests now, and the recent occupancy rate is almost over 90%." According to Ctrip App, there are no room types available for booking at Beijing Hepingli Hotel from July 9th to 12th and 14th.

At present, the occupancy rate of the hotel in July has reached as high as 95%, "said the person in charge of a five-star hotel in Beijing." Recently, it has been the busiest time in recent years

Hotels located in the core location of the Wangfujing area in Beijing are also "hard to find one room". According to Qi Ning, the Chinese general manager of Beijing Novotel Peace Hotel, there has been a surge in summer tourists, and the hotel has been fully booked every day from the end of June to the beginning of July. Currently, the average occupancy rate in July is higher than that in June, reaching 90%. The popularity of hotels in the Wangfujing area is not only reflected in one, "Tiananmen Yifei Hotel has been fully booked every day since July 1st, and the booking rate for the entire month of July has reached 90%. Full month rooms should not be a problem. Li Jiang, General Manager of Marketing at Yifei Hotel Group, revealed.

According to the Ctrip App, on July 9th, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Wangfujing, Beijing only had luxury king bed rooms and noble king bed rooms left. Rooms such as garden suites and Oriental suites that usually cost over 10000 yuan have been fully booked. The hotel market in the Wangfujing area is showing a phenomenon of oversupply.

As the focal point of the night economy in the capital city, the occupancy rate of hotels near the Liangmahe commercial district has also been fully increased. The person in charge of the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing Yansha Center told Beijing Business Daily that the room has been mostly full for the past week. Currently, the booking situation in early July has exceeded that of 2019, and the overall summer forecast is very optimistic.